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Notice: Character dies from wounds inflicted attempting to attack the Health practitioner; leaves the player his Sword ahead of fading away.

Hey, she's the 1 who dumped me in community! Felicia humiliated me... There was no way I would let her outshine me yet again, even right after her death! Who: Reggie Perez

Take note: Character claimed the murder was a concept to his father. He explained that Malcolm promised him that he could well be the training minister of the New Concordia Republic, but he discovered the Republic would only have schools for your rich to create the masses simpler to govern. Acknowledging what his ambitions manufactured him do, Samson felt he required to mail a concept for the Senator.

Ah, it really is such a disgrace that you're the only witness to my finest performance. Nevertheless it fills my coronary heart with joy to realize that I'll be having you to definitely hell with me, McClane, ha ha ha ha ha! Who: Jack Frontier

Soon after blowing up a Tiberium research facility, a diffuse green glow spreads more than the battlefield. Sensing Hazard, he calls out this line. Then a storage tank of liquid tiberium goes up, leveling the battlefield and killing everybody.

I have done each of the plotting I essential! Let's see the way you handle the fallout, ! Who: Arsenio Castillo

Observe: Character is a single 50 % of a magic act with Reed Wallbeck. Roger claims this line following stabbing Reed during the upper body having a dagger as revenge for staying abused by him for way too long, in advance of dying of wounds sustained in their battle from Chuck (or Frank).

Note: Character noticed Baldwin spying within the Italian gang, who had taken care of him when his moms and dads died. To safeguard click here his men and women, Reggie smashed the Commissioner in The top with the adze then Slash his tongue off. Choose Lawson sentenced him to lifetime in jail without having the potential for parole.

Be aware: Character discovered that Tess invested hours during the detention Heart's library attempting to research how her ancestor died and will not afford to Enable Tess get away with it. Luna mailed a pendulum to Tess's detention mobile so Tess could hypnotize the guards and escape. Luna's plan went properly as she was capable to corner Tess during the Nautical Museum (which looked similar to a pilgrim ship before). Luna tied Tess the identical way Mary was tied up and afterwards killed Tess the same way Mary was murdered in 1649.

Notice: Character was in cahoots with her husband, William Oland, aka "The Satan". She stated that Together with masterminding murders, Additionally they got paid by prosperous people today to intern bothersome, but sane individuals, very like Patricia.

Note: Character required to protect his household's honor. He mentioned that he concluded Leopold was a legal responsibility after he knowledgeable the law enforcement plus the push about previous Senator Malcolm Rochester's visits to prostitutes. He then admitted to stoking the war involving the Italian and Irish gangs to boost revenue from the Concordia Railroad Organization, using the services of anyone to mastermind the murders from the loved ones's opponents, and bribing officials in Gryphon Sanctuary to admit the relatives's political opponents in their services.

Notice: Character was a MGB agent turned SOMBRA. In the beginning pleading innocence, Anya admitted to hijacking the satellite to land from the wilderness and taking the hard disk drive, though also killing Jean and aiming to get rid of Asal as the two ended up following the push.

It might be wiser to torture me for information. In its place you are going to feed and clothe me, allow for me to grow older still. Even in victory you happen to be weak. Who: Obaasan

That wretch Jacqueline threatened to ruin almost everything when she started off seeking to muscle mass her way in. I understood she could not be trustworthy. Thank goodness the others eventually caught on! Who: Sofia of Girona

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